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Size Chart




Measure your chest all around your body under your arm.
The number you get is size of the jacket you need.
For example if the measurement is 46, that means your jacket size is 46

 2. Waist: 

Usually by having the chest size that you can tell the jacket size, you can also tell the waist size. All jackets have matching size pants. So for example in above case, if your jacket is 46, you should have a waist size 40. However you can measure it to make sure.
Note: in above case even if you measure the waist, you should be able to tell the jacket size.
Unless you have a special body size.

 3. Your height:

By your height you can tell if you need the suit is Short or Regular or Long.
For example if you between 5'7'' and 5'9'' you wear Regular.
In above example your size will be 46R.
If you are short than 5'7'' you are 46S
If you are taller than 5'9'' your size is 46L 


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